Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things I learned at the loading dock

Our office move is officially complete. It was a giant pain in the butt and looking back, I realize I spent quite a bit of time hanging out at the loading dock for the new building. More than I care to repeat. In fact, if I never see (or smell) the loading dock again, it would be too soon.

But, I had a lot of time to make some observations about the working man. I have the double whammy of working in a male dominated field, in an office that is also dominated by males. (Lucky me.)

Here’s what I learned:

Chivalry really isn’t dead. Who knew? I work for a commercial real estate firm. These guys don’t like to get their hands dirty and think the world should bow and cater to them. How shocked was I when the loading dock guys, did things like hold the elevator, hold a door, help me carry items without me having to beg and plead. It was like another dimension, bizarro world! I almost didn’t know how to act!

Cussing is just talking. I’m sure I learned a few new words, but things were said with such frequency and emotion you almost didn’t notice. The cussing just flowed.

Cuss words are guy terms of endearment. (What up bleep face!)

A smile goes a long way. I can smile all day long at the office and co-workers would just ask if I was OK. Smiling at the loading dock gets rock star treatment.

One service elevator can hold a crap load of people and heavy equipment.

Patience truly is a virtue. (Especially when there are only two service elevators for a building with 48 floors.)

The crowded service elevator in the morning smells a whole lot better than the crowded 5:00 PM one.

Thick skin and a sense of humor are a must! These guys got a huge kick out of my pink Vera Bradley backpack, matching lanyard and pink phone. They cracked themselves up yelling “hey Paul, you got a purse just like that don’t you”.

These guys have mad skills! Much respect to the loading dock guys!

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