Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear Prudence White Mocha Coffee Nut

Starting with our first furry baby, Amos, we decided to register under a ridiculous AKC name. His official registered name was “Famous Amos Mocha Coffee Nut”, which always cracked us up whenever we got anything from the American Kennel Club. He was mostly known fondly as “Famous Amos”. So, we had to do something similar with Prudy. Her official registered name is “Dear Prudence White Mocha Coffee Nut”. She gets called “Dear Prudence” a lot. LOL! We are such nerds.

Dear Prudence is almost 4 months old and getting big. When we brought her home she was only 9 lbs. She didn’t have any adjustment issues, no crying at night, etc. Instead she walked in like “this place will do” and made herself at home.


Prudy's very first day!
She loved her bed at first sight!

Now Prudy is almost 4 months old and close to 30 lbs! Aside from that peeing and pooping in the house thing, she’s a really good dog. I hope to train her as a therapy dog when she gets a little older, I think she’ll be good at it. We just have to get through this horrid puppy stage first.

She is such a clown!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Those darn camp kids!

It’s been a wild summer. Our first foray into “camp” territory. I was initially very nervous, but we all got through it. Zoë loved it, and all in all, I’m sure it was a good experience for her. But, some of the things she learned at camp have come close to pushing me over the edge! I’m not talking about camp activities, I’m talking about social interaction, hanging with other kids, etc.

You see, Kindergarten was great! All the kids in her class were around the same age. Since the kids were all on the same level, they liked the same things, talked about the same things and had similar interests. Then, the school year came to an end and we had to find a place for Zoë during the summer. That was an ordeal in itself. Where do I send her, how do I find a place? Luckily, my BFF is anal like I am and had previously done lots of research. We ended up sending Zoë to the place her kiddos go, King Tiger Tae Kwon Do summer camp. As I reflect, I really like the fact that she attended a Tae Kwon Do camp. They really worked on building character, were huge into good manners and respect, and physical activity. She was worn out each day, which made bed times almost dreamlike for us. (Bedtime hell will have to be another post.)

On the flip side, unlike Kindergarten, during the day kids of many ages interacted. This made for some very interesting home conversations. Here are a few of my favorites:

I’m fat:      I just about fell over when Zoë made this announcement. We don’t discuss body image at home, she’s just 6! I asked her what on earth would make her say that. She said the kids at camp told her she looked fat in her swimsuit. Really? I told her she wasn’t fat at all and not to listen to those kids. She has no reason to worry about her weight.

Will you buy me a bra?:      Until yesterday, I thought nothing could top this one. She asked me, very seriously, “Mom, will you buy me a bra?” WHAT? I asked? You don’t need a bra, you have nothing to put in a bra. “Well”, she said, “the girls at camp wear bras.” I told her I found it hard to believe that a bunch of 6, 7 and 8 year old girls were wearing bras. Well, apparently I was wrong. One of the fun camp facts I didn’t think of was that the girls all change into their Tae Kwon Do uniforms together. I was informed by my BFF’s daughter that the girls did indeed wear bras at camp. Now my 6 year old is bra obsessed. My Aunt has fed into this nonsense and sent her some bras as a birthday gift.

Don’t look at my boobs:     Again, WHAT? Yep, this from the kid who would like nothing better than to walk around all day, anywhere, without a shirt.

I hurt my nuts:      Ding, ding, we have a winner. At our house, we have never used the term “nuts” to describe “boy parts”. Hell, my husband is still mad at me for telling Zoë she had 2 butts, a front butt and a back butt! Mostly we just call them girl parts and boy parts. Well, at our weekly Chick Fil A dinner, she bumped into a chair and announced loudly “I hurt my nuts”. As I choked on my spicy chicken sandwich, I said WHAT? In an even louder voice she said “My nuts, I hurt my nuts!” (My friend said “would that be pecans or walnuts”? LOL!) After a stunned silence I asked Zoë what she meant and she pointed to her girl parts. I said “honey, girls don’t have nuts”. I’m still cracking up over that one!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting my baby fix!!!

I feel like I’m in the minority, but when I see and hold a baby, I do NOT get that twinge to have another kid. I think I’m missing whatever gene that is. (Sometimes I think I might be missing the maternal instinct gene too. LOL!) Don’t get me wrong, I love babies. Love their sweet baby smell, those cute baby noises, the wide eyed stares and the gassy smiles. (The wobbly neck thing, not so much) I sometimes wonder if something is wrong with me. Hell, Zoë is 6 and there are still songs that instantly make me feel nauseous when I hear them! Why? Because I was pregnant when I heard them before, and they are somehow attached to memories of that hell misery. How does that still happen 6 years later? I heard one song in the car this morning and had to turn the radio station. (That’s a whole other blog post for another day!) All of my friends get the baby twinge. I think many of them are nuts. I’d like to think I’m just more aware of myself. I know that I couldn’t handle more than one kid. I can barely handle Zoë and the new puppy. To the many many people out there who try to make me feel guilty for having an only child, I have a sibling. The sibling thing is way overrated.

Now that I am an Aunt for the first time (yes I think Aunt deserves a capital “A”), I get a different twinge. I love being an Aunt! It’s the perfect scenario for me. I love love love holding Pippa! It makes me happy and it relaxes me. I could hold her all day long. Maybe that’s my “baby twinge”. I don’t want to have another kid, but I can still get the benefits of hugging on a baby as an Auntie. I can snuggle with her, rock her, sing to her, buy her fabulous clothes and shoes, and spoil her and Zoë rotten! I think I’m going to like this Aunt thing. Maybe Melanie & James will pop out some more kids for me to love. LOL! A whole brood of babies that I can hug, spoil and hand back over to the parents until the next visit. Added bonus, I don’t have to change diapers, although I would. I don’t really mind that.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Sweet Pea is 6!!

Well, Zoë is officially 6 now. Because she was born during the week of the annual Tarrant Family Beach trip, her birthday will always seem to be a week long. This year was no exception. In fact, she got to stay at the beach the entire week. Usually we just stay for 3 or 4 nights. In her eyes, this was probably the best birthday ever. That is until Daddy got a speeding ticket on the way home. She said to him “why on my birthday” and proceeded not to speak to him the rest of the trip because she was mad. LOL! Yeah, who’s a birthday princess?

This year’s party was at Bounce U. We’ve been to a couple of parties there in the past. It turned out really well. Zoë was afraid that since her birthday is during the summer, her friends wouldn’t be able to come. Her kindergarten teacher (bless you Mrs. Boes) collected email addresses and phone numbers for kids in her class and quite a few of her friends were able to attend. I loved the fact that I could just bring the cake and goody bags and Bounce U did the rest. Our party hosts were two adorable young guys that the kids all thought were great. I nicknamed them the “party twins”. I was a little unsure about the party twins at first. They seemed more interested in catching each other up on their social life than doing actual work. But, I was pleasantly surprised. These two took over the party like champs. They joked with the kids, passed out snacks, drinks, cake, helped with presents and handed out goody bags. They even wrote down gift items and names for thank you notes. I thought, pinch me, this is a dream! Then, while searching for the gift list later on, I found it crumpled in the bottom of one of the gift bags and was yanked down to reality. LOL! Hey, at least they kept the list!

We rounded out the day with dinner at one of Zoë’s favorite restaurants, Red Robin. We love the Red Robin birthday club. She has gotten her free birthday meal there for the past few years. Alison, Alex, Joshie & Lizzie all joined us. Zoë & Lizzie discussed bras on the ride over. Yep, you read that right. My Aunt Brenda, who was already Zoë’s favorite Aunt, has pretty much got the “favorite Aunt” title for life. She gave Zoë 3 sets of matching bras and underwear. When Zoë asked me to get her a bra a while ago, I laughed at her. When she told me she had friends at summer camp with bras, I laughed even harder. Now, thanks to the world’s greatest Aunt, she has been wearing a teeny tiny bra every day. I can’t even think about it without rolling my eyes. To top off this ridiculousness, this miniscule bra has the nerve to have a hook in the back and straps that can be tightened. (There go my eyes rolling again.) Zoë has put a bra on under her clothes, each day, by herself. Yesterday, it was on upside down. It’s usually hanging up around her neck like some sort of bra necklace. She also informed me that 3 bras just weren’t enough, she needed more. I told her to take that up with her favorite Aunt.

Oh, and apparently, Zoe was telling the truth about her friends at summer camp wearing bras. Lizzie told her mom (Ali) the same thing and named names. Who knew! I say enjoy not wearing a bra as long as you can get away with it.