Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dear Prudence White Mocha Coffee Nut

Starting with our first furry baby, Amos, we decided to register under a ridiculous AKC name. His official registered name was “Famous Amos Mocha Coffee Nut”, which always cracked us up whenever we got anything from the American Kennel Club. He was mostly known fondly as “Famous Amos”. So, we had to do something similar with Prudy. Her official registered name is “Dear Prudence White Mocha Coffee Nut”. She gets called “Dear Prudence” a lot. LOL! We are such nerds.

Dear Prudence is almost 4 months old and getting big. When we brought her home she was only 9 lbs. She didn’t have any adjustment issues, no crying at night, etc. Instead she walked in like “this place will do” and made herself at home.


Prudy's very first day!
She loved her bed at first sight!

Now Prudy is almost 4 months old and close to 30 lbs! Aside from that peeing and pooping in the house thing, she’s a really good dog. I hope to train her as a therapy dog when she gets a little older, I think she’ll be good at it. We just have to get through this horrid puppy stage first.

She is such a clown!


  1. She is so darned cute--and full of personality! I love boxers.

  2. Thanks! We're boxer lovers too! She is a mess, it's never dull at our house!