Monday, January 23, 2012

Zoe answers a question

One of Zoe’s latest assignments was to answer the question prompt “What if you were invisible?”?  I loved her response and kept her work.  I’ve made spelling corrections, but here’s her answer:

If I were invisible I would haunt people and scare my friend that I do not like so they wouldn’t be mean to me any more.  I would get candy without asking and mostly do what I want.  I’d drink Coke, Mountain Dew and Root Beer and sneak in places and play on games I’m not supposed to.

LOL!  LOL!  We will definitely have to keep an eye on her! 

Breaking the rulz!!!

Our girls “rule breaking” weekend has come to a close.  It was fun while it lasted!  Dan has been traveling with his Dad and returns tonight. 

We started our weekend out by hitting the grocery store after school on Friday, without a grocery list!  OMG!  If you know me at all, this simply is not done.  Not ever!  We planned our meals while we walked the aisles, picked out what we wanted for breakfast, snacks, drinks and of course, ice cream.  We picked our favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor (Chubby Hubby) and one new flavor to try. 

We made loaded baked potatoes for dinner, and I do mean loaded.  We added ham, chicken, cheese, bacon bits, more cheese, etc.  Yummy!  We drank Cherry Sun Drop and ate ice cream for dessert.  The next morning, Zoe slept in until 10:00 and we had doughnuts for breakfast.  Oh yeah!  We had a doughnut breakfast again on Sunday.  Scandalous!! 

Zoe, Prudy and I have had 3 “sleepover” nights.  (It’s going to be hard getting Zoe to stay in her room.)  We would get ready for bed, watch a little Cake Boss on Netflix and curl up like puppies to sleep.  LOL! 

In the morning, we each grabbed our laptops and sat in bed surfing the web.  Then we switched over to the iPad and Nintendo DS for games, while drinking our hot chocolate and coffee.  (All done in bed!  The horror!)

Sadly, tomorrow is a school day so we must return to our law abiding ways.  We had fun, but I sure am ready for things to get back to normal.  I’m already working on next week’s menu and grocery list!