Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zoë's money lesson

Like most children, I don’t know if Zoë fully understands that we all have to work to earn money to get the things we need and want. Sometimes I think she believes money either grows on trees or that credit/debit cards just magically have a never-ending balance. I blame the credit card thing on web games like Webkinz and Club Penguin, where virtual money is always just “there”. From an early age, she could put virtual items in a virtual shopping cart and virtually checkout. Then these virtual items would magically appear in her online account so her Penguin or Webkinz could wear different clothes. LOL! She also realized that things could be purchased online if you had a plastic card with magic numbers. She even asked for my credit card number one day, while on the computer. Whatever kid. LOL! 

Zoë does get to earn some money by doing a few chores around the house, if she gets a 100 on her weekly spelling tests, has a good report card, etc. Also, relatives will send her money occasionally in cards. Unfortunately, money seems to burn a hole in her pocket. She hasn’t quite grasped the mindset that if she would save her money, she could then purchase some of those larger items she wants. She would rather spend it on just “something”. Well, a few weeks ago she learned a pretty valuable lesson. 

She had enough money to get a new Beyblade. So, we told her we would take her to Wal-Mart after her soccer game. Wal-Mart was completely out of Beyblades, so I told her we could come back another day. She just had to buy something. She finally settled on a Tech Deck skateboard and ramp. We get home; she takes it out, changes the wheels on the skateboard and decides the whole thing is boring and dumb. (I couldn’t agree more.) That’s when the meltdown occurred. The meltdown of all meltdowns! She was so mad that she spent her dollars (what she calls money) on a dumb toy. She asked if I would give her some of my money. Nope. I asked her why she picked that toy, when she could have just waited until we went back to the store. She said it looked like fun whenever Alex played with them. LOL! She was pissed! She kicked, screamed, and started throwing things and was promptly sent to her room. 


Well, the next week she asked to go to the store again. We went to a different store this time, and they were also out of Beyblades. (Apparently these are very popular right now.) She wanted to look around for something else and I reminded her of the Tech Deck incident. She got quiet, thought about it and decided to wait and not get anything. She wasn’t thrilled about it, but I say lesson learned. 

Tech Deck