Monday, January 17, 2011

Dog vs Cone

I am not going to make it 10 days. That’s how long Prudy, our boxer pup, has to wear the “cone” since she was spayed. Somehow, we are supposed to keep this hyper dog “calm” for 10 days so she doesn’t pop her stitches. Talk about impossible! The first two days we had the hard plastic cone, aka the lampshade, aka the satellite dish. It was awful! Pru would walk past things and knock them over. We lost an entire potted plant to the plastic cone. We would take her outside and the cone would get caught on the door, trees, you name it.

Day 1 in the lampshade:

Day 2:

We started looking for a soft cone. I found one at a pet store a little farther away, called and had them put that sucker on hold. I think I would have driven hours for it.

Pru in the Comfy Cone (kind of looks like a pirate):

Huge improvement, but still a giant pain. At least she isn’t destroying the house with it. Since the cone is soft, we can fold back parts of it, making it easier for her to eat and drink.  (Hmmm, therefore making it easier for her to much on a Hex Bug, a bracelet and a Beyblade.)  The hardest part for Prudy is that she has to be in the backyard on a leash. What she doesn’t realize is that this is much harder for me, since I hate to be outside. (Unless the weather is perfect and there are no bugs, then I love it.) Pru loves to be outside, she could sit in her sun spot all day if you let her. She likes to do her terror runs, play, bark, etc. Since she is supposed to stay “calm” (I can’t even write that without rolling my eyes), we have to take her out there on the leash. Did I mention I hate to be outside? Especially when it’s muddy. And cold.
Today is Day 5, just 5 more to go. I’ve already developed a slight twitch.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Gold Star Mom Badge

Sometimes I think there we should have badges for mommies, like Foursquare or the Girl Scouts. Because I seriously think I deserve a Club Penguin badge. I don’t even want to calculate the number of times I have played Card Jitsu Water to win Zoë the Water Ninja Suit. In fact, I should get 2 badges, one for figuring that stupid game out and the other for Gold-Star Mom status.

I don’t know how I get sucked into these things, but in the end they usually are kind of fun. (Shhh, don’t tell Zoë!) Let’s see, I got a Webkinz account so that we could link up and play online games, and visit each other’s house. I would get on my laptop downstairs and she would get on the “house” computer upstairs, and we’d have a good old time. We would send each other Webkinz mail and packages, play “rock paper scissors”, shoot some pool, grow virtual vegetables and hang out in the clubhouse game rooms. LOL!

I have my BFF’s daughter to thank for Club Penguin. (Thank you Shelby, really.) She introduced Zoë to it, showed her how to play some of the games and complete some of the “missions”. Then I got sucked in again. I created an account for myself, so she could add me as a “buddy”, and then we would play online. Then the little schemer somehow got me to log in with her account to earn Club Penguin coins so she could “buy” things. So, I became pretty good with the pizza making game and the fishing game. I’d earn some coins and she would dress up her penguin. Then she got really greedy. The next request was for enough coins to purchase a Dojo, to upgrade her penguin’s house/igloo. Instead of just saying “no”, I found myself playing lots of Club Penguin to earn 5,000 coins for a Dojo. (Yep, you read that correctly.) I also earned coins for Puffles (pets for the penguins), that would run away if you didn’t feed and take care of them. There have got to be at least 8 wild Puffles out there looking for food. (They are nice enough to send you a postcard when they run away.)

So, I really shouldn’t have been surprised with this recent Club Penguin request, to earn the elusive Water Ninja Suit. LOL! We finally earned the entire suit last night. The suit comes in 4 parts, which each have to be earned individually. (Of course they do! Making it just one piece would have been too easy.) I had to play Card Jitsu Water so many times I think my eyes started to bleed. Then, just to stick it to me again, after we got to 100% on the 4th item I had to “challenge” the Sensei! So, when Zoë says she is a Club Penguin Water Ninja, what she really means is “I, the greatest mommy in the world, am a Club Penguin Water Ninja”. LOL!

I wonder what the next online game site will be for us? Littlest Pet Shop? Toon Town? More Club Penguin? I hear there’s an Ice/Snow Ninja suit that might be next. Game on!