Monday, March 29, 2010

We thought she was writing a nice note!

Boy were we wrong. We were way off! I remember when she wrote this one. She told us she was writing Jack a note. She got some paper, some crayons and sat down at the table. Then asked if she could go deliver it. My mistake was not looking at the note. I mean really, of course my little girl is writing something sweet and nice, right? Big fat WRONG!

Fast forward to a few minutes ago, the doorbell rings, it's one of my neighbors. She's holding a note. She asked if it was Zoe's handwriting, I said yes, that looks like the note she was writing the other day. She said it blew into her yard and thought I might want to see & read the note. I'm like, OK, sure. OMG! It was an "I hate you" note! I am so embarrassed! (Her penmanship has improved though, so I guess that's a positive.) The note said "Jack" on the front, with a red heart crossed out with an "X". On the inside it said (complete with backwards "J") "Jac I hat you becus you are men". Then she drew a picture with an arrow pointing to it with "Jack" written over the arrow. The picture even had blonde hair. Dan said, when she was writing the note, she had asked him what color Jack's hair was and he said blonde. She said "that's yellow, right"? Little did we know why she wanted that information.

Here's the kicker, my neighbor said she wanted to make sure I knew about the note because Zoe had written her son a similar note a few weeks ago. WTF? Now, don't get me wrong, we have gotten our share of "I hate you" notes from her in the past. We've even kept some, because they are freaking hilarious. We've gotten pictures with faces marked out with “mom or dad” written over them". She always seems to "hat" us about something, but I was totally caught off guard this time. I'm still in shock.

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