Friday, March 26, 2010

Much needed couple time

Sometimes, you go so long without having any couple time that you start to think that's the norm.  I'm not sure the last time we got to spend a nice evening alone.  We usually get at least once a month, when Zoe does her "sleepover" at Grandma's.  (She calls it her sleepover.  LOL!)  We had a nice evening tonight, out of the blue, totally unplanned.  It made us realize that we really do need to take time for each other and that it really takes an effort from both of us.  We've kind of been just co-existing I think.  Hanging as a family, as parents, but we need to work on getting the "couple" back.  I think we can do it. 

Our neighbor has two daughters that Zoe plays with.  The older one was having a birthday sleepover.  The younger sister asked if Zoe could sleepover as well.  It was like a much needed gift.  Dan & I had dinner, talked, played some Wii games, we had fun.  It's really been a long time. 

Wonder if we'll be getting a phone call at midnight saying Zoe wants to come home?  Should be interesting.  I guess technically it's not her first sleepover, if you count Grandma's house or when her friend Lizzie stayed over.  My baby is growing up so fast!

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