Friday, January 22, 2010

Always late

Why didn't someone warn me that no matter how much of an "on time for appointments" person or "early for appointments" person you were before children, after having a kid you will be permanently late for everything. Maybe it's just me. I used to be consistently a few minutes early for everything. Now I have become "the always late" person. It drives me nuts. No matter how prepared I am or how much time I allow, if Zoë is with me something will happen to make us late.

We were late for dance AGAIN! We are late every week. I feel like all I do is apologize to the teachers. I try so hard. Why do I bother? I had her outfit, etc ready. Even had dinner on the table at a decent time. It's always some kind of drama too. I have given birth to a drama queen! This time we had to threaten her & pry the Wii remote out of her hand while she screamed that she wasn't finished playing the frisbee game yet. Whatever kid. LOL!

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